Childbirth Education Class


BIRTH CLASS is a one day seminar which includes a Tour of the Maternity Department, and covers topics: Labor and Delivery, Breastfeeding, Characteristics of Normal Newborn, and provides a forum for questions and answers.


CONTACT: 951-769-2151, Carrie Echols, RN. Supervisor of OB Dept.  Leave Name, Phone number, email address.

Or……E-mail and leave Name, Phone Number, email address.

Class Fee:  REFUNDABLE $20.  Take $20. to Carrie Echols, in the OB Dept.  This fee will be returned on the day of class. 

Courtesy Lunch will be provided in Hospital Cafeteria.

Type: Class
Preregistration: Required
Contact: Carrie Echols
Phone: 951-769-2151
Cost: $20 - Refundable
Language: English

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